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    Free download android application CM Security Master Premium v4.9.7 apk mod ~ One of the main problems that mobile phone users have always had is the problem of viruses and Android security . Usually, when you use a corrupted Internet, there’s a lot that can cause the virus to become mobile and endanger your phone. Also, downloading files via Bluetooth also can cause the virus to become viral if the files contain a virus.

    CM Security Antivirus AppLock is a very powerful and professional antivirus software for Android smartphones. By installing on your Android phone, you can keep your device intact for any type of virus and increase Android security. This software allows users to fully scan the phone and, if they have already been infected with the virus, will detect and clean the viruses.

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    The scanning speed of this software is very high and can scan your phone at high speed. By scanning the phone, additional and unused files are also displayed for you to clear them so that the speed of the mobile phone is increased. The CM Security Antivirus AppLock section lets you block unwanted calls and SMS from the intruder numbers, so you can avoid interruptions if you have troubles.

    Android security enhancement software also allows users to find stolen phones via  . This way, you can view the location of your phone by visiting the manufacturer’s website in case of theft of the mobile phone.

     Note: Given the fact that in Iran and even in a number of other countries, the use of cracked Android software is widespread, many of your installation plans may be known by the antivirus or any antivirus that you consider to be a virus. But in fact, viruses are not working and the crack files contained in the software, which are placed by cracker as malicious files are detected by antivirus, so you can eliminate the software by antiviruses as Malware is detected, do not be rigorous!

    Features CM Security Master Premium

    DescriptionSystem RequirementsInfoImages
    • Ability to scan internal and external memory and all installation programs to identify malicious files
    • Getting ready for the antivirus completely to keep your Android smartphone safe
    • Ability to search and scan to unpack and uninstall Junk files and delete them
    • Call list and SMS to block unwanted calls and SMS
    • It has a very high speed in scanning the phone to detect viruses
    • Secure VPN connection
    • Lock apps
    • Full Android Clear and Speed ​​Up Phones
    • Enhance Android security dramatically
    • Fingerprint support on phones with this hardware

    Android 5.0 +


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