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    Free download android game Guns of Boom v7.1.2 Mod Apk ~ These days, much of the online games are played on smart phones and tablets. Games that are now professional enough to become even more popular with many online game consoles because of their portability. 

    Unique and incredibly attractive game Guns of Boom example of highly professional and the action of the play is the same hand that was produced by studio Game Insight Hong Kong.

    Download Guns of Boom Mod Apk

    Guns of Boom ~ If the game action and first-person shooter (FPS) you are interested in and play online in this style you follow, you’ll play a lot in this field have gone to your smartphone or tablet. 

    Fortunately, with the advancement of the game industry, various game genres and genres are seen more and more on mobile devices, but anyway, choosing from other games of that genre will make you have to download multiple games. It’s a little hard.

    If you are such players and are looking for a low-level rival in the field, we will offer you the unique Guns of Boom game. This game has so many positive and professional points that you will definitely learn about each one after experiencing it. Surely the first thing you encounter is graphics and game designs. This game in this area means a wonderful word.

    Features Guns of Boom

    DescriptionSystem RequirementsInfoImages
    • Super awesome graphics with three-dimensional design and detail
    • Optimized and able to run on weaker devices
    • Great design, superb soundtrack and great effects, especially explosions (BOOMs).
    • The ability to play as a team (online) and use tactics of war
    • The gameplay is completely online , fluid, dynamic and super professional in the style of Action FPS
    • Ability to choose player character from several default examples
    • Possibility to personalize, manage and enhance the character of the game
    • There are dozens of firearms with upgradeable capabilities
    • Possibility to use equipment such as armor, grenade, health kit and …
    • Includes awards section and special rates
    • There are various places and maps
    • A professional yet easy and easy controller with personalization capabilities
    • Adjustable shooting automatic or manual
    • The ability to adjust the game graphics in three modes: Low, Medium, High
    • Ability to add other players to your friends list
    • Possibility to enter different clones

    Android 4.1 +


    Update 7.1 is here!

    • The main screen is now a fully 3D hangar with 2 floors and armchair. 
    • Settings are in the upper right corner and Battle Career level is below your nickname.

    • Get a good look at the best players of the match when it finishes

    • Bug fixes and stability improvements


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