Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.12.2 Apk Mod


    Free download android game apk Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.12.2 Apk Mod ~ The Survival or Survival game has been a few years ago, which has become popular among the gamers and, of course, the video game industry. 

    The style Last Day on Earth can be considered the most exciting style of video games. The Survival or Survival Horror style is one of the scary and exciting games below. 

    This style of games has also opened its doors to mobile games. Play Last Day on Earth: Survival One of the most obvious examples are active in this area.

    Download Last Day on Earth: Survival Apk Mod

    Last Day on Earth: Survival is the title of an all-excite and entertaining action game developed by the Russian studio Kefir. In the game Last Day on Earth: Survival You mean the word should only work for survival. There are many elements to destroy you, and this depends on your ability to survive this life.

    According to the game story, in 2027 the whole world is infected by a deadly virus called Plague Virus. Over 80% of the Earth’s population has now become bloodthirsty zombies. The world is similar to the end of life, and life in this earthworm is very difficult. 

    As one of the few survivors of this massive catastrophe, you have to face the dangers and try to survive. What makes your work harder is that zombies are not just your enemies … wild animals, and of course, people who will kill their own people to survive will be on your way.

    In Last Day on Earth: Survival you have to build a safe haven for yourself and then work with everything you can to defend yourself. You can use various items to build weapons and so on. You can also subscribe to the various clicks in the game and have friends with you to deal with dangerous threats.

    Features Last Day on Earth: Survival

    DescriptionSystem RequirementsInfoImages
    • Unparalleled and detailed design
    • Great graphics and attractive designs
    • Exciting gameplay and action with an exciting trend of third person view
    • There are various and dangerous enemies, including armed enemies and horrific zombies
    • Possibility to use dozens of items to build shelters, weapons and …
    • The existence of hidden and navigable places
    • With a stubborn story line with the ability to change the game according to your choices
    • Possibility to join different cologne for dealing with zombies
    • Ability to chat and communicate with other players around the world

    Android 4.1 +


    – Now entrances into basements can be found at resource locations. You can strike it rich there down there. 
    – Explore each basement carefully, there are a few of them, and their loot content differs from one another. 
    – Prepare to meet new enemies. 
    – For those who want to spend a fierce evening trying to beat the Miner, we’ve reduced the number of items needed to repair the Terminal Sector 7.


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