10 The Best PC Games 2019

    apex legends

    Kamudl.Com – 10 The Best PC Games 2019 ~ The must-play pc games 2019 kamudl version you don’t want to miss, if you have version of the best games of 2019. We don’t care 😀 And what are the best pc games of 2019?

    1. Apex Legends


    Apex Legends You are in the Titanfall world and this game is the result of what happened in the Titanfall 2 game.

    2. Metro Exodus

    metro exodus download

    Metro Exodus A quarter-century after nuclear war devastated the earth, a few thousand survivors still cling to existence beneath the ruins of Moscow, in the tunnels of the Metro.

    3. Far Cry New Dawn


    Far Cry New Dawn Years after the catastrophic destruction of the doomsday in Far Cry, Hope County has changed dramatically and unexpectedly.

    4. Total War: Three Kingdom


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    5. Resident Evil 2 Remake


    Resident Evil 2 Remake 2019 Capcom at the E3 2018 Expo announced that it is building a revamped version of Resident Evil 2, a popular and memorable game titled Resident Evil 2 Remake.

    6. Devil May Cry 5


    The Devil May Cry series has a high popularity among its fans, and this version of the game can meet the expectations of its fans. Once more, Satan’s hunter is back and many fans are waiting for it. 

    7. World War Z

    world war z

    An exclusive game of Epic Store’s new PC games network! The World War Z, which was well-versed in eighth-generation consoles, was launched on April 16, 2019 as DRM-Free (a model that doesn’t must crack, like GOG video games) on the Epic Store network.

    8. Sekiro Shadow Die Twice

    Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice

    Winner of “Best of gamescom” and “Best Motion Game” at gamescom 2018, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the subsequent journey from developer FromSoftware, creators of Bloodborne and the Darkish Souls sequence.

    9. Rage 2

    rage 2

    Rage 2 is all about violence and will teach you to survive and do whatever it takes and pity is an emotional word belonging to the cowards. During the game, you will find interesting missions and a lot of concentration on the gun and the shooting, and you will definitely feel good when you leave a car. 

    10. Yakuza Kiwami 2

    yakuza kiwami 2

    The Yakuza Kiwami 2 was originally released at the end of 2017 for the PS4 console in Japan, and then came to Western countries in August 2018. On May 9, 2019, the game was released for the PC platform. Sega says this version of the game is perfectly optimized for the computer.