Bandicam 4.3.4 Full Version Repack


Download Bandicam 4.3.4 Full Version Repack ~ Bandicam is one of the best (if not the best) programs for capturing images from the desktop and DirectX / OpenGL applications (games).

Bandicam Screen Recorder is very popular game and screen recording software which makes it possible to record a certain area on a PC screen, or a program that uses the DirectX/OpenGL graphics technologies. 

Bandicut Video Cutter is super-fast video cutting software which allows users to trim parts of video quickly while keeping the original video quality.

With its help, you can record everything on the screen with high quality and convenience, add an image from a webcam, and audio tracks (for example, from a mixer and microphone) can be saved separately for further processing.

Acceleration supported by AMD graphics processors, NVIDIA and Intel. Remarkably, the recorded files are small in size with excellent quality. I constantly use it myself and recommend it to everyone.

What’s new: 4.3.4 02/19/2019

  • Added support for resizing the ‘Scheduled Recording List’ window.
  • The schedule date is no longer displayed on the daily / weekly recording setting menu. (Only the time is displayed.)
  • Bugs fixed
    • The scheduled recording time could be duplicated under certain situations.
    • It was a daily / weekly recording.
    • The [Help] link is a font of the “Scheduled Recording List” window was displayed incorrectly.
    • The rectangle window has been displayed in the wrong position under certain situations.
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

4.3.3 02/14/2019

  • Removed the Facebook upload button.
  • Bugs fixed
    • This is an application where bandicam starts under certain conditions.
    • The scheduled recording function was not set.
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

4.3.2 02/13/2019

  • Bugs fixed
    • The recording stopped automatically at a night when a daily / weekly scheduled recording was set.
    • The AMD VCE H.264 codec was not recognized under certain conditions.
    • There was no HDMI / Webcam device in Device Recording Mode.
    • Bandicam in Around Mouse recording mode.
    • “Run Bandicam on Windows startup” option not reinstall Bandicam.
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed.


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