Bleach Brave Souls v7.1.2


Free dowload Bleach Brave Souls v7.1.2 apk mod ~ Bleach Brave Souls is another action and fantasy action game from the KLab Global Pte. Ltd. It is designed to be completely free with attractive gameplay for Android platforms. In this beautiful game, choose the three characters you want and after forming your powerful team, combine the characters to form a new character and win the unique moves of each player.

The story of  Bleach Brave SoulsOccurs in the land of Japan and is full of epic scenes with unique female sword heroes who have fought for freedom with enemies. In this game, choose your swordsman from the popular characters and go to the battle with the enemies and hit them with points and record a good record for themselves. 

The overall capabilities of the game include the ability to upgrade the skills and capabilities of the women’s sword, the possibility of personalizing characters, creating a team of swordsmen for battle, the ability to combine characters and create new personality.

It also has the ability to play online and can compete with other users of this game. There are several stages in the game, which will succeed in each of them to the higher stages.

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  • Possibility to open and use the specific moves of each character
  • The ability to mix your favorite characters and SATs with a new character
  • The ability to upgrade and develop the skills and abilities of your personality
  • Compete against other teams online and live to record the best record
  • Ability to complete missions on the land of Japan with epic scenes
  • It has 3D graphics and dedicated soundtracks from famous Japanese songs


Android 4.0


We regularly update our game with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. 
This update includes: 
– minor bug fixes

This in-game notices for details.

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