Acronis True Image 2019 23.4 Build 14690 Full Version


Download Acronis True Image 2019 23.4 Build 14690 + Bootable ISO ~ Acronis True Image 2019 is an integrated software package that ensures the security of all information on your computer.

True Image provides the ability to create backup copies of the operating system, applications, user settings and all available data, as well as reliably destroy all confidential information that has become unnecessary.

Using this software, you can create backup copies of selected files and folders, settings and e-mail messages of Microsoft clients and even entire disks and selected partitions.

Online storage allows you to store the most important files in remote storage.

Your data will be protected even in case of loss, theft or destruction of the computer.

Acronis Nonstop Backup periodically (every five minutes) saves changes in the system and files.


Build 14690 11/26/18 Acronis True Image 2019 for Windows

New features

  • Now Acronis Active Protection can detect potential malware, illegal mining of cryptocurrencies, as well as protect PC resources and network traffic from unauthorized use.
  • The Acronis Active Protection Dashboard interface has been improved.
  • Implemented backup of personal Microsoft Office 365 accounts.
  • Acronis Survival Kit can be created on USB flash drives.
  • Fixed bugs and implemented other improvements.

Fixed issues

  • The Explorer.exe file is not restarted in Windows 7 when Acronis True Image is uninstalled using the web installer.
  • The status of the backup copy of the mobile device was not updated on the PC after successful backup creation on the mobile device.
  • The Exclude Disk Clone Wizard page is not updated when a user selects multiple folders.
  • Restoring a system file from a backup in the cloud storage to its original location (USB flash drive) fails with an error, while the file itself is successfully restored.
  • In Acronis True Image 2019, running in Windows, an empty tab for restoring a backup copy of files in the cloud storage, which was created in macOS, appears.
  • Acronis True Image 2019 installation fails if memory integrity protection is enabled.
  • The speed of transferring backup files to the cloud storage is not limited by the parameter “Limit download speed to …”.
  • After the disk cloning operation is canceled, the target disks are displayed as inactive when you restart the Clone Disk utility.
  • A link to the user’s manual in the Start menu always leads to the English version, even if a different location is selected.

Known Issues

  • Backup comments are not displayed after reinstalling the product to back up files to the cloud.
  • [TI-127741] Recovering files to the original location from Acronis Cloud fails if the original file is locked.
  • [TI-115928] After the computer is taken out of hibernation, the backup operation fails. The following message appears: “Write error”.
  • [TI-54006] If the network connection was interrupted during archiving, after archiving, some files remain on the PC.
  • [TI-100468] When choosing a backup destination, Acronis True Image prompts you for credentials for the associated network share.


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