Jetbrains Intellij Idea Ultimate 2018 1.1 Full Version


Download Jetbrains Intellij Idea Ultimate 2018.1.1 Full Version ~ Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA 2018 is specifically designed to maximize developer productivity.

Together, the powerful static code analysis and ergonomic design make development not only productive but also an enjoyable experience.

Jetbrains Intellij IDEA 2018 Features

After IntelliJ IDEA has indexed your source code, it offers a blazing fast and intelligent experience by giving relevant suggestions in every context: instant and clever code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, and reliable refactoring tools.

Mission-critical tools such as integrated version control systems and a wide variety of supported languages and frameworks are all to hand — no plugin hassle included.

While the basic completion suggests names of classes, methods, fields, and keywords within the visibility scope, the smart completion suggests only those types that are expected in the current context.

While IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE for Java, it also understands and provides intelligent coding assistance for a large variety of other languages such as SQL, JPQL, HTML, JavaScript, etc., even if the language expression is injected into a String literal in your Java code.

The IDE predicts your needs and automates the tedious and repetitive development tasks, so you can stay focused on the big picture

Key Feature Jetbrains Intellij IDEA 2018

  • Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala
  • Android
  • Maven, Gradle, SBT
  • Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS, TFS
  • Detecting Duplicates
  • Perforce
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Java EE, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, Play, Grails, Other Frameworks
  • Database Tools, SQL

Download Intellij IDEA 2018 Full Version

Download Intellij IDEA 2018


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