Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus 16.0.10 Full Version


Finally Download Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus full version, Microsoft has officially released Office 2019 for various platforms. Microsoft has previously announced it will release a new version of its popular product based on Office 2007.

Info Microsoft Office 2019

Along with all the new features offered to download Office 2019 Pro Plus full version, the company has handwritten virtual writing features for all its applications. This new feature is about wireless devices that can be digitally handled. The effects of slope and pencil press influence the programs and we see a high quality in this regard.

Excel also provides the most powerful data analysis tool with new formulas, and you can store other charts in Power BI format. PowerPoint has new features and can make zoom effects better.

Most of these features are new to all users who have experienced Office 2016 and have never seen it before. But the Office 365 ProPlus users and their money subscribers have been experiencing them. The RTM-Retail version of Office 2019 comes with the latest upgrade ready to download from the website.

Office 2019 Pro Include

  1. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus
  2. Microsoft Access 2019
  3. Microsoft Excel 2019
  4. Microsoft OneNote 2019
  5. Microsoft Outlook 2019
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint 2019
  7. Microsoft Publisher 2019
  8. Microsoft Word 2019
  9. Skype for business 2019
  10. OneDrive for business
  11. OneDrive
  12. Microsoft Visio Professional 2019
  13. Microsoft Proect Professional 2019

New Features Microsoft Office 2019

PowerPoint changes:

  • Create more effective content
  • Enhanced zoom capabilities that use the PowerPoint Morph function.
  • Ability to manage icons, SVG and 3D images
  • Use roaming items that allow you to type with a pen

Excel changes:

  • Better performance in data analysis
  • Diagonal diagrams and two dimensional maps
  • Ability to publish Excel files to PowerBI
  • Progress on PowerPivot
  • Advances in PowerQuery

Outlook Changes:

  • Easier Email Management
  • Update content cards
  • With Office365 groups
  • Hacks
  • Centralized inputs

Word changes:

  • Work easier
  • Added black theme
  • Better sounds
  • Has a text-to-speech function
  • Advancements in the field of access

Note that Office 2019 is only installed on the Windows 10 operating system!

MS Office 2019 Pro (32 bit)(1.9 GB)
MS Office 2019 64 Bit (1.8 GB)


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