Unity 3D Pro 2018.2.11f1 + Addons Full Version


Download Unity Pro 2018.2.11f1 x64 + Addons ~ Unity 3D Pro 2018 is a software and game engine that can also build architects and engineers in addition to making games of all kinds.

With a user-friendly environment, you can drag and drop your work and your projects with this valuable software. If you want to play the game, our offer for you is Unity , car games, action games and more in just one click.

Using the latest technologies of the day, including DirectX, Physx and OpenGL, has caused most novice people to go to this software and avoid complex settings. For those who want to start playing, download now and go to game development.

You can now Download Unity Pro 2018.2.11f1 x64 + Addons from this download site. We hope to be happy with your loved ones.

Features Unity 3D 2018 Pro

  • DirectX 11 support
  • High graphics in gaming and nature environments
  • Very powerful and flexible editor with the ability to execute user commands
  • Support for 3D textures – New project management in the new tab
  • Save memory
  • Support Physx engine product NVidia
  • Supports programming languages ​​including C #. Javascript and …
  • Output for Android and Mac
  • Use OpenGL

System Requirements Unity 3D 2018 Pro

  • OS: Windows XP+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (Shader Model 2.0)
  • CPU: SSE2 Instruction Set Support.
  • Web Player Supports IE, Chrome, Firefox and Others.
  • iOS: requires iOS 6.0 or Later.
  • Android: OS 2.3.1 or Later; ARMv7 (Cortex) CPU or Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 or Later.
  • Blackberry: OS 10 or Later.
  • WebGL: Desktop Version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari
Unity pro 2018.2.11f1 32bit (1.3 GB)
Unity pro 2018.2.11f1 32bit (1.3 GB)


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