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Free Download software for windows pc Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise Full Version ~ Visual Studio is the most famous programming environment for building programs in popular languages ​​like #C and ++ C and BASIC, and so on.

But what programming environment should I use for Android and iOS programming? Visual Studio is still the first option, but this time, using the new environment installed on Visual Studio Xamarin, you definitely heard the name of this programming environment. Today, we’re going to give you the Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise.

Download Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise

Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise is a unique and powerful programming environment for making iOS and Android apps installed on Visual Studio. With this programming tool, in addition to the iOS and Android apps, you can also create software for Windows and Mac.

Programming is based on C-Sharp’s Zamarin. In fact, the programmer for Android and iOS platforms also develops C # programming language, and interprets Zamarin’s own code for Android and iOS.

One of the most important features of Xamarin is to test and simulate user-written code that is best done and does not have trouble with bug-compliant environments such as B4A.

Code autonomy and the need for Java libraries High-speed coding for code synchronization for iOS and Android, swift and java-enabled projects, the ability to use all Android and iOS APIs, support for materials design, and more are the other features of this programming environment.

Features Xamarin Visual Studio Enterprise

  • The most powerful programming
  • Environments for Android and iOS Ability to create apps for Android, iOS, Windows and even Mac
  • C Programming with the popular C # android and iSS programming language
  • High-speed interpretation of codes
  • All Android and iOS APIs
  • Full design support
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