EmEditor Professional 18.9.7 Portable – Text Editing


Free download software for Windows EmEditor Professional 18.9.7 Portable – Text Editing ~ EmEditor A professional text editor with many features that help users edit their text files. In this application, there are a variety of editing and editing tools available. 

The power of this software is to open high volume text files and documents. This software is able to execute various text files as short as possible, and this feature is improved in the new version of this software. 

If the system user has one gigabyte of original memory, this software can run a 4 GB file. The latest version of this software allows you to open bulky files in the shortest time possible, which revolutionizes existing editors.


  • Ability to edit text filesAbility to codify HTML language with the ability to identify errors in coding
  • The ability to use the Macro feature in the software to record various events
  • Has a full dictionary for using different programming languages
  • Supports various programming languages
  • Supports Unicode types
  • Enhanced Find and Replace
  • Adoption Plugin to edit more files from a file such as DLL and …
  • Drag & Drop property to move selected text
  • Save and create Backup automatically
Download 9.7 MB exe