Game Controller 2 Touch PRO v1.2.5.1


Free download apk mod Game Controller 2 Touch PRO v1.2.5.1 ~ The Game Controller 2 Touch software will allow users to manage their games using the USB or Bluetooth gamepad. By installing this software, you can play games inside the phone using gaming groups that work through bluetooth or through USB connectivity.

Playing the game on the phone has now become one of the people’s hobbies. Because the handset is always with anyone and everybody has access to it. But some people use a lot more than other people and work more with the phone. If you are also a member of the same category, it is likely to be interesting if you know that you can control the installed games using the gamepad or handle.

To do this, just install the Game Controller 2 Touch application so that you can later connect with Bluetooth or USB games on your phone. This software will allow you to control games using the gamepad. Using the gamepad to control the game can make the game much more enjoyable, and this will make it manage to better manage the game.

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  •  Very simple and easy to operate game control via gamepad
  • Supports up to 10 touches each time on the screen on any Android device
  • Ability to work with simulators Reicast, PPSSPP, FPSE, Drastic, N64oid, Mame4Droid, etc
  • Support for all types of Bluetooth, WiFi and USB games
  • Ability to change the role of each key from the category during the game
  • Having a very simple and easy-to-handle professional touch system that lets you create separate profiles for each game.
  • Supports all known Joysticks and gaming games such as DualShock 4, Xbox 360 Controller, Dual Shock 3, Moga Pro

Tested with game pads:

Snakebyte iDroid 
Green Throttle Atlas 
Ouya Controller 
Mad Catz Controller 
Samsung Gamepad 
Wired PS4 Dual Shock 4 
Wired Xbox 360 Controller 
Logitech Rumblepad 
nVidia Shield’s Gamepad 
Wired PS4 & PS3 Controllers 
All Moga Controllers including the New Moga Pro Power and Hero Power [HID MODE]. 
iPega Bluetooth 
Nyko PlayPad / Pro 
Gamestop Bluetooth 
Logitech Dual Action & F710 
Some Fake Dual Shock 3

This list is just the name of some of the famous controllers, and not all gamers and controllers are included in this list. If you use a different gamepad, mention it in the comments section of the site, so users will also notice the result of your test.


Android 4.0 and up.


• Now compatible with Android Marshmallow & Nougat . 
• Revamped UI & Graphics. 
• Automatic Profile feature for Nougat. 
• Improved Swipe Mechanism. 
• New Backend. No Custom Kernel Required. 
• Fixed Crash when changing profile. 
• Fixed Crash when tagging background image. 
• Fixed Crash is activating GC2TouchPro. 
• Fixed License Verification Issues. 
• Fixed an issue with Automatic Touch Profiles Button not working.

Download 7.6 MB APK