Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable


Free download software for windows Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable ~ Hard Disk Sentinel A powerful software for storing hard drives and monitoring various parts of the hard drive. 

In Hard Disk Sentinel pro, users use various tools to do monitoring work on the system, which helps them monitor all details and details of the hard disk and, if there are any potential problems, immediately fix it.

To make Displays the total hard disk space and drive, along with the amount of space available for Hard Disk Sentinel.


  • Display the total disk space and drive space plus space 
  • Displays the details and details of the hard drive, such as the type and model, and … 
  • Supports a variety of external and USB memory and hard disk drives  Troubleshoot and troubleshoot hard drives 
  • Ability to report on software monitoring functionality 
  • Notify alert in case of possible problems 
  • Ability to shut down the system when the hard disk is in trouble
Download 17.7 MB exe (for Desktop)
Download 3.8 MB exe (for Server)