Knife Hit v1.7 Mod APK


Free download mod apk Knife Hit v1.7 Exciting Throwing Knife + Fashion ~ Android fun games, you can take hours of fun and fun moments. Designing a fascinating gameplay in this style of gaming will attract many users.

The Knife Hit game is an entertaining Android game developed and published by Ketchapp Studio, which has a great track record in making such games attractive . The game environment is very colorful, and the colors and games on the game at first glance will attract you well.

Knife Hit is the most entertaining gameplay feature. In this way, you must throw the knives into the rotating sibling. You should be careful to place the knives from the distance to the seibl so that they do not collide with the sound you hit the game. 

You can also earn more points by targeting apples. There are several different stages, each of which has its own challenges and you can enjoy it very well. At different stages, you will encounter different types of siblings, which will be harder to eliminate.

The game graphics are also acceptable and can enhance the fun of the game. In this game you have to destroy it by throwing knives into the siebel. There are apples on the rotating apples that can target them to increase your score. This game is similar to the famous Ninja Fruit game .

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  • Excellent design
  • Gliding environment
  • Fun gameplay
  • Targeting the rotating siblings
  • There are apples to get points
  • There are various siblings
  • Different stages with different challenges
  • And other features


Android 4.0.3 and up


◉ The new challenge world of JUNGLE is now available, along with new, vicious bosses! Can you beat them all ???

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