Lumosity – Brain Training v2019.05.15.1910288


Free download apk mod Lumosity – Brain Training v2019.05.15.1910288 Download Download Memory Boost Software ~ Lumosity is a series of great Android applications designed to enhance intelligence, memory, which is now introducing the latest cracked version. Lumosity is the name of a trusted research institute working to find ways to increase the level of intelligence, mind and memory of humans, and its staff is one of the world’s leading neurologists.

One of the main activities of the company is offering games to strengthen the brain . Playing simple but impressive graphics! With 60 million users worldwide, Lumixity is the most popular and most effective training program for the mind-maker. The company has been developing and implementing the Lumosity application with many smartphones, featuring several mini-games.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the Lomocity mini games. After each game period, a rating called “LPI” stands for “Lumosity Performance Index”, a brain function index in Lomoc on the basis of memory, accuracy, speed, and flexibility. Problem solving is given to you. You can compare this index with the days and months before and see the impact of software on strengthening your mental power.

Now the cracked version is one of the best and most professional mind-blowing enhancement programs for you, based on thorough scientific studies, for free! Just pick the right decision to upgrade your mind and it’s smart to play!

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  • Has over 25 attractive arcade games
  • Compare results online
  • User-friendly and beautiful user-friendly environment


Android 4.4 and up


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