SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.9


Free download software SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.9 full version ~ SoftPerfect RAM Disk – a program for creating high-performance disks in RAM. The speeds of such disks are several times higher than consumer SSDs, and ordinary hard drives are generally dozens (or even hundreds) times. 

The use of such disks can be found very different: from the transfer of the directory of temporary files to the installation of applications demanding read / write speed. I, for example, have a browser profile there, so the latter starts up instantly. 

There is only one drawback: the RAM can not store data permanently, and after rebooting or turning off the computer, the data will disappear. 

Therefore, the mode of working with the image is provided in the SoftPerfect RAM Disk: when booting the system, all information is loaded from it into RAM, and at completion it is copied back.

What's new : SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.9

2019-05-14 4.0.9
Added: NUMA-node parameter in the console edition.
Added: Windows hybrid detection and advice to turn it off.
Improved: Up to 2x performance increase in multithreaded I / O.

2018-10-04 4.0.8
Fixed creating disks over 4GB on Windows 10 RS5 (v1809) that was broken with Microsoft update.

2018-05-25 4.0.7
All graphics and icons are high-resolution displays.
Added information when image file was last updated to the main view.

2018-04-16 4.0.6
Added custom cluster size setting for file systems.
Fixed an error when deleting a RAM disk.
Fixed an issue with creating long nested folders.

2018-03-23 ​​4.0.5
Optimized memory card for large disks.
Optimized memory filling to improve disk initialisation time.

17-10-12 4.0.4
Added exFAT support offering reduced overhead and better performance over NTFS.
Added folders folders for boot-time RAM disks similar to logon-time ones.
Boot-time disks retain their mount state between reboots like logon-time disks.
Simplified update procedure: just install a newer version over and reboot.

2017-08-24 4.0.3
Fixed a few issues when running under Driver Verifier.
Where possible use NX memory allocations for added security.
Added new EV digital signature and passed Microsoft driver certification.
Added compatibility with Device Guard on Windows 10 and Server 2016.

2017-03-01 4.0.2
Added / rem and / hdd command line switches in the console version.
Fixed system stability when one or more system disks were dynamic.

2017-02-06 4.0.1
Added console version to create on-demand RAM disks from a service or script.

2016-11-05 4.0
Product fee is no longer free for home users: license fee applies.
Fixed memory allocation in a specific NUMA node when requested.

Installation Guide

  1. Extract file zip with Winrar.
  2. Just run file install cmd, wait and enjoy, no copy crack needed.
Download 3.7 MB Zip