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    Free download software WinAutomation Pro Plus 8 ~ WinAutomation Professional software will be able to execute your specified commands on your computer as soon as possible. You might have to do a fixed task several times while using your computer. And it will make you tired and bored. For example, you will have to type in the test questions to leave a score for each question in the minutes section.

    Or in the header section type two pages of a text question. Typing these things can certainly be frustrating. Or to type a letter that is to be sent to different sections requires one text to be written multiple times. That is very frustrating.

    WinAutomation Professional is the name of a software that can fix this problem. With this software you will be able to execute your specified commands on your computer in the shortest possible time. You can also specify various actions performed by the mouse and keyboard in the program and use them when needed using shortcuts

    For example, in typing a page where a set of fixed texts is repeated many times, you can specify duplicate texts with the help of this software with a mark or symbol on the keyboard to just press while typing. Type in your bookmarks quickly. You can now download the software that the download team has prepared for you for free with a direct link to the downloads website.

    WinAutomation Pro

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    WinAutomation is a powerful and easy to use Windows based platform for building Software Robots. Software robots are apps that live on your computer and can be instructed to do whatever a real user does. Teach them to perform effortlessly any of your tasks, leveraging WinAutomation Macro and Web Recorders.

    • Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
    1. Extract with Winrar
    2. Install the application.

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    Download x64 | x86 227.6 MB zip


    Download x64 | x86 227.6 MB zip


    Download x64 | x86 227.6 MB zip


    Download x64 | x86 227.6 MB zip