WinRATS Pro 9.20e


    Free download software WinRATS Pro 9.20e ~ WinRATS with the new name RATS (Regression analysis of series of time ) backup software is fast and efficient and comprehensive for analysis and econometrics is. WinRATS with tasks simple and easy to accomplish things , while the interface command-driven and passive expand it as it ‘s a tool Very flexible and powerful to do complicated than that.

    Version of Windows has a feature editor Interactive is that to you to create testing and implementation of programs RATs and view saved and printed text And the chart gives access to online guides. WinRATs while running in the interactive, you quickly with models different and or method of without the need to repeat the process before any Time can do your experiment .

    Features of WinRATS Free Download

    DescriptionSystem RequirementsInstallation Guide
    • With regression several stages of
    • Regression with PA errors
    • Regression with correction of heteroscedasticity
    • Seemingly unrelated regression and three of least squares
    • Nonlinear least squares
    • Two of the least squares for linear , nonlinear, and the model with the autocorrelation
    • Maximum likelihood estimation, support for a wide range of problems including GARCH arc and related models.
    • Support Multivariate Probability Functions and Presentation of the Estimated Simplex Method for Non-Derivative Functions
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8-8.1
    1. Extract with Winrar
    2. Install the application.

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    Download x64 | x86 64 MB zip


    Download x64 | x86 64 MB zip


    Download x64 | x86 64 MB zip