Torque Burnout v2.1.6


Free download apk mod Torque Burnout v2.1.6 ~ Burnout Cars, however, were only invented for the purpose of serving the human transport system, but these days the second goal of making them entertainment and matchmaking is being replaced with the main goal.

Making cars in different classes has led to the creation of various competitions every decade. The point that matters is that all car-style styles have millions of fans. One of these types of tournaments is Burnout’s charming tournament. Competitions that differ from other car racing competitions and are relatively risky and less risky.

Introducing and reviewing Torque Burnout

In the fascinating Burnout tournament, which revolves around the voyage of cars, in every competition, only one car rides on the field and performs dramatic performances. The most prominent feature of the Burnout tournament is the massive and intense smoke of the tires due to their intense spatula with the surface of the asphalt. In this type of tournament, drivers must have the skill and correct use of three pedals to perform rotational and dramatic maneuvers.

Torque Burnout is probably the best game ever made for mobile platforms. Torque Burnout has stunning graphics, and the details above it will blur you off. It is clear that it’s time to put these designs well. Thick and sooty soap, car designs, and even tires on the asphalt, are so professional and complete that if you play the game on a quality TV, you might be confused with consoles! Not only the graphics, but also the natural, realistic, and professional gameplay of the Torque Burnout game make you accustomed to it. For example, if you put a lot of pressure on the tires, they will leave!

Torqu Burnout gameplay features

In this game you have to play the drama field. At the beginning of the game, you will receive important educational tips. With different turning movements, you get different scores. Your task is to get the most points within the set time and score the first person to complete the stage in full. You can use gas, brakes, and handwheels to perform different dramatic and rotating movements. The timely use of each one, as well as the proper orientation of the steering wheel, can make your car more beautiful.

In Torque Burnout, you can get more with more money (coins). You can upgrade your car, personalize, or buy another car. Torque Burnout has a lot of steps, and in the next steps, new targets are added. For example, big trains are placed in this field and you have to cross these trailers. Also, in some other steps, big obstacles are placed in different parts of the map, which will give you more points by turning them around.

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  • Extensive graphics and very high detail
  • Spectacular effects and incredible designs
  • Use realistic physical system in all aspects of the game
  • Fun, challenging and engaging gameplay in the Burnout Tournament style
  • There are dozens of cars in different categories
  • Multipurpose upgrades to higher levels
  • There are dozens of different stages with different conditions
  • Customizable camera and game view in several different modes
  • Unique sounds, especially the sound of the engines


Android 4.1 and up


Unveiled at Summernats 31, THELMA is a purpose built skid car that’s sure to start a party! 
We also have a new mechanic overview screen so you can easily share your perfect setups with other Torque Burnout players!

– New Real world driver car, THELMA! 
– Updated look and engine for GOMNTL! 
– New Mechanic Overview screen to easily share your setups! 
– Fixed crash in plate editor. 
– Various bug fixes.

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