TouchRetouch v4.1.6


Free download apk mod TouchRetouch v4.1.6 ~ Many times it happens when you take photos of your phone, but objects or people in that photo may be corrupting your photo.

While it’s likely that this photo is important to you, and you want to have it, delete the objects or extra people in it. To do this, the Photoshop PC program is the right choice.

But as you know, working with a program like Photoshop has been very specialized and only individuals can use this app in a perfect way that the user is professional and familiar with all parts of Photoshop.

Doing the same thing before, removing extra objects and stuff from Photoshop makes it difficult to do..

Features TouchRetouch

  • Removal of telephone wires and telecommunication wires and wires
  • Remove people in the photo
  • Remove welds and face spots
  • Eliminating objects made by humans like the light bulb of the electricity, the bucket of occupations and..
  • Deleting anything in the photo that you think is extra
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TouchRetouch is a program to remove additional objects in the images. With this software, you can easily delete the extra sections inside the images easily from your photos. 

This app does it automatically and, unlike the Photoshop program, you will not need specialized knowledge to use it. Just select the part you want to be removed to make it fully automated and to see if objects or additional humans are removed in the image. It’s done simply as much as possible without your time being spent.


  • Square-form distortions no longer appear on photos after erasing objects from them on Android versions older than 5.0. 
  • No other minor distortions are left on photos after removing unwanted objects on all versions of Android.

Android 4.0 and up

Download 10.0 MB v4.1.6

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