Traffic Rider v1.61


Free download apk mod Traffic Rider v1.61 ~ Traffic Rider is another SK Games studio developed and launched after the popularity of Traffic Racer . Game makers used the same elements as previously used in Traffic Racer to build the Traffic Rider game. 

Although the overall style of the two games is actually one thing, but the difference in the style of the gameplay and, of course, a dramatic improvement in graphics, the Traffic Rider game has a higher head and neck! Join APKTOPS with this controversial and popular game.

Introducing and reviewing the Traffic Rider game

The Traffic Rider is a game with a relatively cliché concept in the field of endless racing games (record), which has become one of the most powerful competitors presenting similar games due to its great and numerous features. SK Games or Soner Kara Games is the producer of the game studio, which is located in Ankara capital of Turkey.

In the Traffic Rider game you will play as a professional motor and work and, of course, adventurous and interested in risk playing. Your task is to move between cars and vehicles on the road or street, and you will change between them! The higher your speed, the more points you get. You also get more points in case of dangerous crossing near one of the vehicles in a low distance path.

The graphics game’s graphic details are excellent, and super professional design and perfect game modeling will remind you of consular games. Unrivaled lighting are among the most positive hints of this game. Also, attention to climate and night and day changes has also led to much more professional visual effects and lighting effects. 

Other obvious points related to the game’s graphic section are the acoustics part of it. According to the creators of the acoustics game of Traffic Rider, the real sounds of motocycles are used. The sound of the environment, like the sound of cars, and the sound of collisions and … Are also designed in the best possible modes.

From the graphic part of the game, we reach the gameplay of the Traffic Rider masterpiece. The game is from the first view of the person and the virtual controllers are placed in the corners of the image. Ability to adjust the type of controllers. 

There are more than 40 major stages in Traffic Rider. You are able to buy better engines by passing further steps and earning points and money. The engines included in the purchase list are the models designed from the actual patterns and are in different classes of simple engines, motor-cross, heavy duty motors … They are seen among them.

DescriptionSystem RequirementsInfoImages
  • Extremely high graphics
  • Excellent and fully three-dimensional design
  • Very professional and flowing gameplay
  • Fun and at the same time challenging
  • Endless racing style and record keeping
  • Use the real sounds of the engines for the sounding sector
  • First person viewer
  • There are 20 types of motorcycles in different classifications
  • Existence of environmental changes such as climate change, day and night, and …
  • Career Mode stage with more than 40 different stages
  • Ability to buy, upgrade and personalize your engines
  • Has an Online Leaderboardship section
  • Ability to set the game controller in different modes

Android 2.3.3 and up.


-Added a new bike 
-Bug fixes and improvements

Download 79.9 MB v1.61

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