ViPER4Android v2.5.0.5 – Increase Sound Quality of Phone


Free download apk mod ViPER4Android v2.5.0.5 – Increase Sound Quality of Phone ~ ViPER4Android is one of the most popular Android applications for rooted phones. Those who have rooted their phone are likely to be familiar with this software. With this software you can greatly enhance the output sound quality of your phone and enjoy listening to it. This software can modify your equalizer effects altogether.

You might say that there are other software tools for changing and adjusting the equalizer, so why choose ViPER4Android? Originally, Wapir could modify the equalizer system, and that’s because ViPER4Android needs routers.

Maybe it’s amazing for you, but the ViPER4Android app lets you enhance the quality of your phone’s sound. This software has the ability to add a series of effects to the sound output of phones and tablets. This software will allow you to manipulate the system equalizer. Wipers are especially suitable for those using headphones. You can choose equalization settings based on your handsfree or choose one of the hands-free devices that are included in the program by default.

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  • Extremely valid effects to add to output files
  • Supports devices with x86-bit processor (Atom / Core i3 / i5 / i7)
  • Support for devices with dual-core octa-core processors and quad-core processors
  • Supports audio output via USB / Dock
  • Full Android 4.4 support
  • The first effect for speaker phones; be sure to try it yourself!
  • Control the output channels right and left. This item does not use much 🙁 But if you have a hearing problem for either ear or if one of your headphones is damaged, this item can be used.


Android 4.0 and up

What’s New 
– The emergency repair load file incompatibility issues. 
1.New UI. 
2.Add quad-ch convolver support (stereo convolver). 
3.Add FET compressor. 
4.Support change storage path. 
5.Fix bugs.

Download 3.6 MB APK