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Download Virtual DJ Pro 8 – Atomix Free Full Version ~ Virtual DJ Pro Infinity is a familiar name in the field of mobile music design, the DJ, which provides you with an advanced DJ builder at home.

Purchase and purchase of DJs in addition to the heavy costs entrusted to enthusiasts, in terms of how they work, are sometimes very complex and tedious.

In any case, anyone may be at the expense of a hefty purchase of these devices or Techniques do not work with the device.

In simple language, Virtual DJ Pro Infinity is an interesting, simple and powerful application for people who have a special interest in recording, editing and playing music professionally.

This program is primarily a software for mixing MP3 files. The conversion engine of this software is capable of mixing your songs in the best shape and speeding up the work of the DJ to make your work progress and progress.

Virtual DJ Pro 8 Features


Mixing audio and video is the core function of VirtualDJ. The decks and mixers provide the tools required to seamlessly mix multiple files together.

  • Decks
  • Pads
  • Loops
  • Effects
  • Mixers
  • Audio Setup
  • Audio settings


VirtualDJ has a karaoke feature built-in for easily entertain with karaoke videos and lyrics on screen.

The Karaoke feature is found in the SideView and offers a rotation manager to organize songs and singers in a list as well as provide commonly used Karaoke tools.

The default view offers the Singer’s position in the rotation, the title and artist of the song, as well as the Singer’s name.

  • Using the Karaoke sideview 
  • Karaoke options 
  • Karaoke singer history 


Your Media Library is the core of what you decide to load into the decks. VirtualDJ has an extensive browser in order for you to quickly find and organize your files.

Files can be organized into specialized folders, tagged, moved and copied directly from the browser eliminating the need to open up other applications to manage your content.

If you don’t have a file in your library you can search online using the Content Unlimited service (subscription required) to find and instantly load that file to a deck and keep the party going.

  • Browser overview
  • Database overview
  • Folders
  • Playlists
  • History
  • Content Unlimited
  • Tag Editor
  • Browser settings

Recording & Broadcasting

VirtualDJ provides the ability to record audio and video mixes, broadcast and create podcasts.

Recording is a useful tool to share mixes with your friends or to listen to your mixes in order to critique yourself.

Broadcasting and Pod casting features are also included in order to play an internet radio show or to automatically save your mixes online.

  • Recording
  • Broadcasting
  • Video Broadcasting
  • Podcasting
  • Recording settings
  • Broadcasting settings

Download Virtual DJ Pro


Download Virtual DJ Pro 8

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