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Free download film movies VivaVideo PRO Video Editor V7.11.3 Unlocked Premium ~ VivaVideo PRO Video Editor It’s likely that you’ve been able to edit the movies you took with your camera. But because of the lack of a proper program for doing this, you have been discouraged from doing so. 

But this time on the top Android software platform, called VivaVideo Pro Video Editor, we’ve made it easy for you to apply any kind of editing you want on video.

Pro Features VivaVideo

  • Put the watermark on the name of the software on the video: In the regular version of the Viva Video app, you will install a watermark from your own name on all the videos you save. But in the pro version (iPad version), we see that there is no watermark for the videos.
  • Unlimited time: In the regular version, the videos you enter into the application have a limited time limit, and if this is longer than the default time of the program, it will be automatically discontinued. In the ProViva video version, this time has been taken out and you can import videos of unlimited duration into the program.

Having a camera for selfies with 7 awesome filters

This section is highly recommended for those who love Salafi images. In this application, the part is taken to take selfies, so you can get awesome images, especially in this section, 7 awesome and beautiful filters to use with these filters, whatever you like Make it more beautiful.

Customize videos using animated stickers, titles, FX, music, live dubbing and other effects.

All the tools for personalizing videos are included in this software. Just set your goal! And then start making a very beautiful video. You can create custom music videos on your own, while listening to your favorite music while watching videos.

Make a very attractive video from images with just a few simple cakes

The ability to make video from the images inside the phone is also included in this app. Most likely, you’ve got a lot of pictures taken by your camera, who are interested in seeing them as a slide. VivaVideo Pro Video Editor can do this for you. Just select the photos you want to display in the video to make it easy for you to create the app with a few simple clicks.

For android  4.1  and up
Download 40.3 MB APK

V7.11.3 Updates: 
1. Performance improved 
2. Bugs Fixed

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